— Bing AG —

A company that was based in Bavarian Nuremberg, Germany.

The company Bing was founded in 1866 by Adolf Bing and Ignaz Bing (1840-1918) as a wholesaler in toys and household goods.

In 1879 the company started it's own production.

As early as 1885, the company had grown into a company with 500 employees.

In 1895 Bing became an Aktiengesellschaft (joint-stock company).

The company grew, to become the largest toy manufacturer in the world, with satalite factories abroad and staff growth up to 4000 employees.

However, at the outbreak of World War I, the firm had to take drastic measures to survive.

In addition, the death of Ignaz Bing in 1918.

The Bing factory itself had become one of Nuremberg's largest factories.

The factory occupied a surface of a total living block between the Stephan-, Vorderer Cramer-, Burger- and Kupferstraße.

The building still exists today.

The company suffered greatly from the allied repression after the First World War, and had to re-profile itself worldwide.

After the death of Ignaz Bing, his son Stephan Bing took over the company's leadership until 1927.

In 1929, Bing was facing severe financial problems, this time due to the stock market crash in the US and its global impact.

This led to a final conclusion in 1932 and the end of s'wereld's largest toy manufacturer.

The company Bing has been sold in parts, AEG, Trix, etc ... are remnants of the Bing company.

Ignaz Bing (1840-1918)