— Bowman—

The Bowman Company, founded by Geoffrey Bowman-Jenkins, based in Dereham, Great Britain.

The company was founded in 1923 as a manufacturer of wooden toys, but the production of steam engines soon followed.

The first Bowman static steam models were attached to a wood-lacquered bottom.

Later, the company stepped into the Meccano story, replacing the wood bottoms with metal perforated ones, Meccano constructions could now be driven by Bowman steam engines.

The company has nothing to do with Meccano it self, Meccano made also steam engines of their own, only the system was common..

In 1935 Geoffrey Bowman-Jenkins stopped production, later heirs are Mamod and the fully independent Bowman from Luton.

Bowman from Luton carries almost the same logo, but these two companies are completely separate from each other.

Bowman has developed his own style from the very beginning, totaly diffrent from the German contemporaries.

You can say that he has developed a typical English style, and still very popular under British steam fans.


Geoffrey Bowman-Jenkins and his doughter