— Doll & Cie —

The Doll & Cie firm was founded in 1898 by John Sondheim and Peter Doll.

This company was based at Nuremberg and belonged to one of the major toy manufacturers, with a global sales market.

Just before the First World War, a cousin of John Sondheim, Max Bein, became also co-owner of the factory.

The owners, all with Jewish background, had to forse sell their factory and privat property under the Naziregime, due to a Nazi law called the Nürnberger Rassengesetze, at an underrated price.

The factory was bought by Fleischmann, which continues the production of steam engines until after World War II.

Fortunately, the Doll family was able to escape Nazi Germany  under terrible conditions, they lost almost all their possesions.

It was only through business and family ties, that they managed to leave Germany.

They eventually emigrated to the US.

After the Second World War, the Doll family ran a trial against Fleischmann, where eventually the Doll Family where finely compensated with shares of the Fleischmann factory.


    John Sondheim                                                                                    Peter Doll

Next link showes a video of the doughter of Peter Doll, she witnesses in German how the famaly hunted out of Nazi Germany.