— Ernst Plank —

The factory was founded in 1866 by Ernst Plank at Nürnburg, Germany.

Already in 1894 the factory had 120 employees.

In addition, a lot of work was outsourced to homeworkers, such as the coloring in of glass slide sheeds for the laterna magica.

The manufacturer was known for high quality work.

Their steam engines, optical machines and trains are still very popular amongst collectors.

They produced the first steam engines with a steam turbine, in addition to the classic steam engine range, but the steam turbine engines are very rare.

Despite the fact that the firm manige to survive after the First World War, they wouldn't survive the worlds financial crisis of 1929.

The company was finally sold in 1934.

The new owners, the Schaller's brothers, stop the production of toys and focus entirely on optical material.

This branch of the factory  produced until 1985.