— Falk—

Joseph Falk, a student of  the Carette factory, founded his own factory in Nuremberg in 1895.

Falk takes over the Schoenner factory in 1912, thereby expanding its market share.

Falk is recognizable by two logos.

The simple oval with FA initials, or the more complicated logo, FA initials with the tower in the middle.

The tower represents the well known medieval castle tower of Nuremberg.

At the beginning of the 30's he starts a joined venture with Bing.

You can therefore find steam engines of that periot, that carry the logo FA-BW.

In 1930 he introduced a catalog  where 130 different models are offered.

However, this manufacturer with Jewish roots also has to deal with the Nürnberger Rassengesetze of Nazi Germany, as Doll & Cie had to undergo a few years laterr.

In 1935 he was forced to sell his factory.

The Schaller brothers, who took over Ernst Plank the year before, also put an end the production of toys at Falk

And everything was transformed to the production for optical devices