— Mamod —

The factory was founded in Birmingham by Geoffrey Malins in 1937.

The company is one of the biggest producers, next to the German brand Willesco, for post War steam toys.

Mamod is a typichcal British meccano-like product.

The stationary models are made that way, so that you can easily combine them with a Meccano constructions.

In addition to the stationary models, the manufacturer offers a wide range of steam driven vehicles ranging from cars, lorries, busses, tractors to trains.

The manufacturer is still active, although this toy is no longer attractive to children, the products are still favored by the gray youth.

The steam engines may have become more of a nostalgic collector's object than a toy object.

But still very loved and looked after by the British steam fans.

A lot of people today still find a way into steam collecting by this brand, including me.