— Märklin —

The Märklin factory was founded at Göppingen, Germany, in 1859 by Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Märklin.

Perhaps one of rare ones who where not located in Nuremberg, and belongs oldest manufacturers in my collection.

In 1866, Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Märklin died and the factory was run further by his wife Caroline Märklin.

In 1888 their children Carl and Eugen Märklin took over the factory from their mother.

In 1891, they introduced the first model train at a fair in Leipzig.

 The brand Märklin is a well established brand and still loved today by collectors.

In addition to toy trains they have made many other toys, including a very big collection of sought after steam engines.

They producesed stationary and mobile steam toys.

They even produced gigantic toy steam engines with bottom plates up to 1x1m, with real working govenors.

By 1909 they could already where able to offer up to 90 steam engine models.

Even train kits were sold, where a steam engine powered a generator,  to drive electrical train models on.

Although Märklin is no longer a family business, and the production of steam engines stopped, it's still possible that they decide to bring out a steam engine as a collector item.

Märklin always stood for precision and high quality, even in todays standart.

  Carolien Märklin                           Eugen Märklin