— Schoenner—

The Schoenner brand was founded in 1875 by Jean Schoenner and Adolf Dittmann.

The factory building was housed in Gastenhof, Dammstraße 5-7 in Nuremberg.

The first year, 478 steam engines were already built.

Documents have been found that the Schoenner company had a single 6HP steam engine in 1881 to run the factory.

However, in 1885 a production total of 10225 steam engines was realized.

In 1887 a new steam engine with a capacity of 50 HP replaces the 6 HP.

The first model locomotives were introduced in 1887, focusing mainly on the US market most train sets where produced in American style.

1891 was a disaster year for Schoenner, a major fire burns down the factory.

But as a fenix from the asches, a new modern factory was build.

This made them able to produce a total 300 000 steam engine by 09/04/1892.

Better still, on 13/07/1893,  1 000 000 models have rolled out of the factory.

Strange enough, altough the production number was so high little still can be found on todays market

In 1894 there were 250 people at Schoenner.

In 1912 the company was bought by Falk.

Reason of stopping company is not known